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STAR ( the movie ) EUROPA TOUR

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STAR THE MOVIE been presented all over Europe with action of the team , covering city like Zurich , Turino or Barcelona but first check the new trailers  !

International V.O.D release APRIL 3RD 2017. www.facebook.com/starlefilm/ www.instagram.com/starlefilm/ www.resistancefilms.com Star is a young graffiti writer, the best in his city, paris. his reputation attracts him as much into art galleries than in the police precincts. Accused of vandal- ism, he faces jail.
This some of the street actions we had the chance to rock when we were in Torino. Thanks to Mr N !!! and the UAO crew.
We started the STAR TOUR with our dear city PARIS!! So I had to do the introduction speech !!!!!
A part of the movie was shot in ROMA, so it was a great pleasure to see our friends and show the movie back in the eternal city. GTxTHE
Great opportunity to show STAR in swiss, thanks to our bros who made it happen!!!
During our STAR tour we had to show the movie to our London posse !! Great Times DDS x GT