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Cap Matches Color: Two Decades of Digging

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History has been made and finally the Cap Matches Color: Two Decades of Diggingpublication has been released with a ton of fresh content to be read. 12ozProphet was able to score a review copy of the book over a month ago and since then, our eyes have been glued to this hardcover masterpiece. With over 600 images and 244 crispy matte pages total, you get go behind the project and see what went on with the collection process of vintage spray paint over the last twenty plus years. 

First off, this is the most impressive piece of literature in my fucking house. I’m serious. These guys seriously put in the work and made sure this project turned out perfect and without flaw. Perhaps not for the digging, but as far as the book is concerned, it’s pretty solid. The book is split up between eleven chapters all bringing pieces of history to the table between color theory, advertising, color charts, collections, technology and more. Early advertising shows off many poster and magazine images for a few brands such as Eproxy, Krylon, Derusto that show off each brands usage, colors, and unique marketing style which we all loved back in the early 60’s to early 80’s.

Some amazing reads come from artists reminiscing about using old spray paint from when they first started. Bates contributes a lot to the book in general, but in this section, Bates discusses back in the days of using Ultra Color, Quick and Motip paint back in 1987 from Sweden, then traveling to Amsterdam in ’88 to use Sparvar. Shit like that from each artist gives a real look at what brands they remember and what they grew up with. A few artists have images above their blurb so you can see what exactly was painted with the brands the artist discuss. It’s seriously all classic photos for just about seventeen pages straight. The CMC guys go into detail about their hunt the thrill of searching. They scour state-after-state for unexplored paint and hardware stores looking for vintage paint and any related items they can fill their car or truck with and stop at nothing to take up every space in their vehicle. Images of hardware storefronts shortly followed by images of the team with their hauls and what was left from these old businesses. Many places shown seem to be from mid-west America, where the country seems so desolate just like the movies. Their use of bartering netted them some serious hauls, such as palette wrapped vintage cans, racks, signage and more. 

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