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3 Names T-Shirt (THE RETURN)

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This T-shirt is part of a series where Union has collaborated with 3 brands to produce some special, socially conscious products. The collaborative is called "The Return" and its intentions are to reminisce back to a more conscious times where we were constantly speaking up for ourselves and against social injustices. The racially unjust events of this past year have spawned a new energy to "fight the power" so to speak. All proceeds from the sales of these shirts are being donated to charity. Thanks to PNB, TooBlackGuys and GRQ$.





History repeats itself.

Just before the close of 2014, tens of thousands of people
rose up to peacefully express outrage against Injustices, much like
PNB Nation did almost 25 years ago with this T-shirt. Graphically armed
with the classic Hello-My-Name-is sticker and tagging the 3 Names over it, PNB
looked to bomb the public consciousness in memory of 3 Black
lives that mattered. The mission was simple. To get people asking who
do the 3 Names belong to and why are they connected? Eleanor Bumpurs (age 66) killed by
shotgun blast in a botched eviction, Michael Stewart (age 25) a
graffitti artist choked and beaten at a subway station leading to his
death and Phillip Pannell (age 16) shot in the back while, witnesses
attest, he had his hands up. Today the 3 Names could be
Anthony Baez, Oscar Grant, and Trayvon Martin. They could be Michael Brown,
Akai Gurley, and Eric Garner, or countless other victims of racism and

When graffiti writers tag their names it is in essence saying "I was
here". With these 3 Names PNB was saying just that.


more info : http://store.unionlosangeles.com/collections/t-shirts/products/3-names-t-shirt-the-return