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Tag, you’re it… Famed Graffiti Artist Faust Fights Smoking on Periscope (@truthorange ,#RollCall , #PickMe )

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Faust,  is joining the fight to obliterate cigarette smoking on Periscope on June 16 and 17.

Faust, known for combining classical calligraphy with contemporary graffiti, and believes that creativity can change the world.  He will team  Truth, one of the nation’s largest youth smoking prevention campaigns.

During a Periscope broadcast, Faust will create beautifully designed Twitter handles for people who follow @truthorange on Twitter.  Followers will need to tag #RollCall and #PickMe in order to have their Twitter handles tagged with their personalized art. If followers choose to do so, they can change their Twitter profile pic to this Faust-designed signature.

Smoking among teens is down to 8%, and Faust is joining the fight to make it zero