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American Accents

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American Accents is 15 Minutes of video documenting blurred out people painting graffiti on boxcars, hoppers, reefers, bridges, abandonments, and whatever else you give a damn about. Featuring Sean WOH HGOD, Grup WOH HGOD, Wire ACT TF, and CLARK ACT.

We made this all on our own, with no help from fancy paint manufacturer film crews or anything like that. Just a few dudes with a camera, a desire to paint, and an idea.

Special thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way and for or all the support we've had in trying to get this out there. Thank you all very much, you know who you are!

Shouts to We Ride By Train and Bench Press Zine for promoting the video. Their Social media pages are below, They've got all kinds of dope rail stuff, check em out! :
We Ride By Train : http://www.wrbtrailway.com/
Bench Press Zine http://benchpresszine.storenvy.com/