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Asbury Park, NJ (JULY 1, 2015) Parlor Gallery is pleased to announce their upcoming curated Summer Group Exhibition “Summer Lovin” which features an explosive array of artists for whom the landscape of Pop Culture feeds their artistic drive and by doing so reflects the multi-layered visual experience we all live in. Parlor Gallery and the artists have curated a colorful, witty and contemplative collection of new works for this exhibit.

Although working in different media and environments, all of the featured artists have been deeply inspired by the urban landscape. “What if Art Ruled the World” is the tagline of the anonymous street artist, Stikki Peaches, who is making his gallery debut in New Jersey at Parlor Gallery. He has already begun to make his mark on the streets of Paris, New York, London, Berlin and Stockholm with work that encourages people passing by to stop, analyze and question and is sure to leave them with a smile.

The work of the artist Indie184 is quickly becoming one of the most recognized both on the streets and in galleries and museums worldwide. Influenced by abstract expressionism and pop art, her paintings are raptures of colors and textures fused with her original graffiti, street art imagery and designs, juxtaposed with personal messages. In conjunction with her debut at Parlor, Indie184 will be painting a mural on the historic Asbury Park Boardwalk as part of the arts and mural initiative “Sea Change AP” which is co-curated by Parlor gallery and funded and sponsored by Madison Marquette.

It is no surprise that most of the exhibiting artists have been hired and commissioned by some of the most high profile companies for artistic collaborations and is only a testament to their relatable fascination with and criticisms of popular mainstream culture. CANTSTOPGOODBOY has coined the term “Real Fake” for some of his highly detail-oriented techniques and has collaborated with such empires as SONY, Warner Bros., Converse and Absolut Vodka all before the tender age of 23.

Parlor will also be showcasing work from Queen Andrea, Inkala, James Rawson, Brandon McLean, Johanna O’Donnell, Pud Aylward, Pablo Powers and Mint & Serf and Troy Gua

Event Information:

Summer Lovin’

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 25 Exhibit ends August 24, 2015 Website: www.parlor-gallery.com Instagram parlorgallery

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