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Bowery Beef: Cope2

Art, violence, and drama at the Bowery graffiti wall this weekend. The legendary pioneer Futura (aka Lenny McGurr) had been decorating the slab the last few days, but things definitely got shady Saturday afternoon.
Cope2 apparently appeared on the Bowery to support his boy, Futura, during the second day of paintwork. While there, though, graffiti beef spilled into the streets. We are told that HOW (a member of Tats Cru who painted the wall after Sandy) reportedly called him out for “being a snitch” and for his alleged relations with the Goldman Properties head (owner and operator of the wall), as well as the purported tape of said actions. So, in broad daylight and a crowded sidewalk scene, Cope2 purportedly pulled heat (i.e. a gun) and was later arrested by plainclothes cops of the Vandal Squad. He was let go within a couple hours – uncharacteristically quick – because he’s allegedly a “secret” informant for them.
Dusty Rebel
The whole ordeal – trash talk galore – was played out on Instagram, and captured in the moment by chronicler the Dusty Rebel.
Sucks for Futura, whose thunder was stolen, at least partially, in a quick second. Nevertheless, the new mural was finished by last night.
— http://www.boweryboogie.com/2015/09/bowery-beef-cope2-allegedly-pulls-a-gun-at-the-graffiti-wall-while-futura-painted/

Check what Cope2 has to say about the incident below : 


In the light of the recent event that raised quite a bit of dust in the world of street art, and to follow-up on our previous article from September 14th, covering the story of Cope2’s arrest, we had the exclusive chance to be contacted by Fernando Carlo, Cope2 himself. The artist was part of an incident that took place at the Houston Bowery Wall while the legend Futura was painting his mural. There were also other prominent names from street art present, such as Indie 184, and apparently, street artist How from How and Nosm was allegedly involved in the incident. We will try to get to How and Nosm in an attempt to obtain their side of the story soon. Until then, it is only fair to provide the arrested party with a chance to share his take on the whole situation, and shed some light on this whole affair. So, without further ado, here is the unedited exclusive statement from Cope2 regarding his recent arrest.

Exclusive Statement from Cope2 About his Recent Arrest
“I went to the Houston Bowery wall to support my brother a real genuine man and master futura 2000 with my partner and 3 kids so as my partner indie 184 was still talking to futura at the wall I went to my car with my kids to wait so as I’m relaxing in my car another artist who I don’t get along with named HOW from HOW&NOSM walked Along side of my car looked at me and said: “You’re bullshit!!!!”

So I said: “What!” Then he stopped and started taking pics of my car I told him why is he taking pics of my car he said: “Fuck you that’s what you do to people”, it didn’t make sense but I told him to stop before I get out my car and beat his ass so he said: “Fuck you”, again I just ignored it cause I had my 3 kids in the car.

Before you know it I’m sitting checking out my emails on my iPhone, in less then 2 minutes HOW comes back with this huge piece of glass that looked like something from a broken window, putting in my face and just started yelling at me saying bio this bio that tats cru this tats cru that, he looked really angry, I just laughed at him cause i knocked him out before, so I told him to get away from my car I have my kids in the car like 4 times he said: “No I don’t give a fuck I’ll stab you mother fucker!!!”
Now my kids are in the car so I lost it and grabbed my weapon, when he saw what I had he ran for his life the damn coward!!!

You don’t approach anyone with drama if there with there kids, that’s a total disrespect, everyone knows that.
So I left my weapon in the car, chased HOW like a block away, told him to stop running and fight me, he just kept running saying stupid shit, I just walked back to my car and shook it off, just normal shit to me, he provoked me first and I told him get away my kids are in the car, he didn’t care, that’s top of the line disrespect.

I drove around the corner to pick indie up so we can leave, in less than 1 minute I got swarmed by police, they had an exact description of me and said someone called and said I pulled out a gun on them!! Hmmmmmmm sounds strange, HOW was the only person who saw my so called weapon it never came out the car!!! And people call me a SNITCH!!! Yeah ok so the police through me in handcuffs, asked me questions about the gun I said: “A gun that’s crazy who said I pulled out a gun I’ve been here watching my friend futura paint his mural you can check my car there’s no gun that’s impossible” thanks to some good people that were at the Houston wall told the police I’ve been there and never had an argument with anyone plus the police found nothing so they took me to the precinct asked me a few questions and let me go, that simple.

You know I’m just fed up with all the disrespect through the years, with people disrespecting my name, my image, my character with nothing but lies rumors and photo shopped images, just because I went on another level with my art and there just pure and simply jealous!!! It’s ridiculous and pathetic.

I’m fed up with people attacking me everyday on social media, I try to ignore it but there’s so much a person can take until they snap, my problem is I fight back too much and now there trying to use it against me, but what about the people who are disrespecting me is this fair!!! No it’s not but for now on I’ma kill them with silence and success and let’s see, and already till this day I’ve still haven’t seen any real proof, evidence or documents with my name Fernando Carlo stating I snitched or ratted on anyone and there never ever will be, I can promise you that me a snitch that don’t even run or flow in my blood line, these haters know it, they need to leave me alone let me live my life already. I’m a genuine dude I don’t bother anyone, but these cowards always want to find someway to harass me, they’re obsessed with me it’s pathetic already, like jeez, live your life leave me the fuck alone!!!!

Thanks to Widewalls for letting me speak THE TRUTH cause that’s what Iam”
— http://www.widewalls.ch/cope2-arrest-exclusive-statement-september-2015/