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Bombing NY IV and Gates of Barcelona

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The new issue of Bombing New York features a few of the highlights of street bombing around the city from the last year or so.

Featuring, among many other, Adek, Atak, Baer, Bees, Begr, Blake, Bonus, Bowzr, Cash RFC, Ceno, Cinik, Curve, Dedan, Dek, Dinker, Donut, Droid 907, Duel, Easy, Emone, Evikt, Fade, False, Fuct, Giz, Goog, Guess, Hert, Host, Hound, JA, Just, Katsu, Kaze, Klops, Knox, Kser, Kuma, Kuthe, Lewy, Lions, Malvo, Marty, Mega, MFone, Navy8, Noteef, Noxer, Payday, Pdog, Pear, Post, Purge, Quik, RD, Same, Sefu, Sen4, Sory, Swank, Sye5, Toper, Trace, Trap, UFO 907, Wanto, Xsoup, Yusef, ZE and Zexor.

Limited to 200 numbered copies. Screenprinted cover, 52 pages.

Barcelona's gates and shutters are a time capsule of graffiti by hordes of local and visiting graffiti writers, embedded in one of the most exciting cities of Europe. This book documents a selection of some of the best graffiti on Barcelona's gates as of the end of 2014.

Featuring, among many others, 1UP, Abels DTS, Admit, Aeon, Apach, Apear, Aper, Bich, Baren, Bonus, Boom, Bunes, C215, Ces, Cisko, Clas, Dceve, Deca, Disk, Ether, Farlopa, Foner, Frens, Gore, Gusto, Horsn, Idiot, Iser, Jaber, Jase BA, Kans, Katsu, Keo, Keptoe, Kibas, King157, Large, Lush, Med, Miss17, Neko, Nimek, Norm, Orek, Paste EE, Pirat, Ponk, Polsr, Ralos, Rate GFW, Ricks, Rime, Ripo, Ski ACC, Skye, Smash137, Sonet, Stebo, Sueme, Sye5, Teide, Toes, Tremo, Utak, Wonk, Yeaboi and Yes2.

9"x6", full color, perfect-bound, 102 pages. Limited to 100 numbered copies!f

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