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Pure, Unapologetic and Free: The Klops Interview

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Funny Klops interview on 12oz , check the full interview here , the afterword are on point !

Could you give us some background on when you started writing graffiti and why?

I started writing graffiti in 2010. U STILL TOY. I noticed writers’ names up around where I lived and wondered who they were and how they were able to do it. So I decided I wanted to try it too. I watched Graffiti movies like Style Wars and State Your Name to learn about graff culture. GRAFF-NERD. I read the “right” way to do graffiti and what it’s “rules” were. INTERNET FAG. I started out practicing straight-letters and fillins on dead track spots and moved on to streets. It was exciting and I felt like I accomplished something when I did a hot street spot or a nice piece. When I started writing all I wanted to do was become known. U STILL A NOBODY.

Which artists have influenced your work?

Kuma, Dceve, MSK Crew, Cecster and…Banksy? STREETART HOMO

How would you describe your style?

My style is similar to NSF Crew, I used to love looking at flix of their style. BITER. But I do switch styles here and there. Usually my graffiti is simple enough that the public can read it and has enough style they can enjoy it. I think Illegal graffiti should be easy to read and fun to see and more fun to do. JUST FUCKIN BOMB NIGGA.